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 Official Rules of PokeForums (Outdated)

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PostSubject: Official Rules of PokeForums (Outdated)   Tue Aug 02, 2011 8:21 pm

Here the official rules of PokeForums.

1. No swearing.
2. You will not spam. Spamming means posting something unnessary or posting something several times.
3. No impersonating. Meaning pretending to be somebody else.
4. No sharing personal information.
5. No advertising. Do not advertise. Especially in your signature or posts. You may advertise your threads on your signature.
6. No rule breaking. Anyone caught breaking the rules will be banned.
7. No illegal sites, cheats or contents. Which means episode downloads, illegal ROMS, etc.
8. No sharing passwords. Do not share your password for anything.
9. No abusing. Do not post inappropriate content.
10. No posting in the rules forum. You may post a reply here.
11. No asking to be a moderator. I will make you a moderator if your ready.
12. No creating mutiple accounts.
13. Give credit. If you made a post including info from another site, give them credit.
14. Try not to go into negative points. Posting in requests, questions or advertisements will deduct your points. Users who have lots of negative points will be deleted.
15. Have fun!

Chatbox Rules

1. All the rules apply.
2. No posting YouTube videos or any other video sharing sites.
3. The strike system also counts for the chatbox.
4. Administrators and moderators have the right to kick users out of the chatbox for any rule breaking.


Rules will be changed when needed.

Strike System:
1 Strike = 1 week ban
2 Strikes = 1 Month ban
3 Strikes = Permanent ban

If you have any questions, please click here.

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Official Rules of PokeForums (Outdated)
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