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 The Dragon Buster Appears! Iris and Doryuzu!!

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PostSubject: The Dragon Buster Appears! Iris and Doryuzu!!   Sat Aug 20, 2011 6:44 am

Do not copy this or translate and claim it as your own.
If you did, give credit to the Wikipedia.

While on the way to Raimon City, the group comes across a trainer named Langley who claims that she is a Dragon Buster and can beat any Dragon-type Pokémon. Iris challenges her, saying that she is training to be a Dragon Master. Langley sends out her Tsunbear, with Iris afraid, but sending out Kibago to fight it. Kibago is easily beaten, and Iris sends out Doryuzu next, but he will not obey her orders. Langley taunts her before she leaves. As Iris tries to comfort Doryuzu, he curls up into inactive mode once more. Iris tells Satoshi and Dent that like long ago, this time, Doryuzu was defeated by the move Rock Smash. She tells Satoshi and Dent how she captured Doryuzu when she first found him as a Mogurew bothering other Pokémon in the forest around her home town many years ago. After she saved him after he nearly fell off a cliff, Mogurew became Iris's partner and trained under her, eventually evolving into a Doryuzu and winning a tournament in her home. Shaga, a Dragon Master tells Iris that he is impressed. She challenges him to a battle, and says it will be their 100th victory, and she wants it to be against a Dragon Master. He accepts her challenge, but when Doryuzu fights Shaga's Ononokus, none of its moves appear effective, and he loses the match. Upset, Doryuzu shut itself off from Iris and has not listened to her. Dent says that it is not disappointment that is causing Doryuzu's behavior but anger at Iris for forcing it to fight a match that he knew that he would lose. That night, Iris apologizes to Doryuzu, saying that she did not try to understand his feelings. Doryuzu listens in surprise, remembering how Iris never gave up trying to beat him, and her words of encouragement. He moves out of Inactive mode, but Iris is already asleep. Doryuzu goes into the woods to practice its Focus Blast move, until Iris wakes up and sees it, deciding to help him master the move. The next day, Langley comes across the group again after she has eaten their breakfast, and Iris challenges her to a match, again. With Doryuzu's trust once again formed with Iris, and his newly learned Focus Blast, he is now an even match for Langley's Tsunbear, but both defeat each other at the same time, resulting in a tie. Langley, although upset, still claims she is a Dragon Buster. she tells Iris to meet her again one day in battle, and Dent to prepare a better meal for her. Iris comforts Doryuzu in the draw, saying it was a great battle. Doryuzu hugs her, and she hugs back, saying that she loves Doryuzu. In the end, Doryuzu and Iris are once again good friends.

Source(s): Wikipedia
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The Dragon Buster Appears! Iris and Doryuzu!!
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