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 Ash and Trip's Third Battle!

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PostSubject: Ash and Trip's Third Battle!   Sat Aug 20, 2011 6:40 am

Do not copy this or translate and claim it as your own.
If you did, give credit to the Wikipedia.

Dent prepares lunch for the gang until Iris and Satoshi accidentally ruin his cooking by getting a leaf inside. He knocks over the pot in his anger, and regrets it instantly. Furiously, he tells Satoshi and Iris that they will have no lunch, but Iris gives them all apples. Dent sighs and says it can't be helped, and tells them to go play somewhere else while he cooks them a new meal. While they wait, Iris and Satoshi explore the surrounding forrest where they accidentally come across Shooty who is using his new Vanipeti on a wild Gamagaru. Satoshi gets in the way of the Monster Ball, allowing Gamagaru to escape. When Iris arrives, Shooty is fascinated by her, saying that he's always wanted to meet someone from the Dragon Village, and snaps a few photos with his trademark camera. When Iris sees the Vanipeti, she acts very scared of its presence, knowing how Ice-type Pokémon are strong against Dragon-types. Shooty tells her this logic does not make sense, because in her logic, she should be afraid of dragon types, too, as dragon types weak against other dragon types, and yet, she keeps Kibago so close to her. Shooty challenges her to a battle (with Satoshi repeatedly challenging Shooty in the background, Shooty ignoring him), but Iris, remembering how her Doryuzu refuses to battle and Emonga refuses to listen to her, awkwardly refuses. Shooty says to her that she'll never be a Dragon Master at this rate and starts to leave. Before Shooty leaves, Satoshi challenges him to a battle once more. Initially, Shooty refuses, taunting Satoshi by saying that his Pokemon will level down if he battles Satoshi. Iris taunts him back, and calls him a scared child. Shooty accepts the battle request from Satoshi. Shooty sends out his Janovy while Satoshi sends out Tsutarja. Tsutarja is defeated quickly, and then Shooty recalls how a meeting with Adeku when he was younger inspired him to become a strong Pokémon trainer. The next match is Dokkorā against Mijumaru. During the fight, Shooty takes a photo of Mijumaru in an Aqua Jet, revealing that Mijumaru does not look where it is going during the move as he does not open his eyes underwater, while Dokkorā looks on Mijumaru's failed Aqua Jet with pity. In the end, Mijumaru defeats Dokkorā with a Shell Blade. The next match is between Vanipeti and Pokabu. Vanipeti is eventually beat, but Pokabu is also knocked out, resulting in a tie. As Satoshi and Iris say goodbye to Shooty, they suddenly remember that Dent is waiting for them at the campsite for lunch where he, his Yanappu, and his Ishizumai, are waiting impatiently for Satoshi and Iris's return.
Source(s): Wikipedia
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Ash and Trip's Third Battle!
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